Photograph by Alex Kozobolis

I make very intimate films, dramas that communicate the secret thoughts, hopes and dreams of characters, reveal their inner life, even things that characters are in denial about and cannot face themselves. I try to express psychological patterns and social values and give full expression to the way characters see the world so the audience can see and hear the world through someone else’s eyes.

This can be a visceral and moving vicarious experience. Audiences can identify with characters completely different to themselves and walk a mile in their shoes. In this way, film can build bridges between opposing points of view and show the value of other ways of thinking. It can create empathy and encourage understanding.

Time can be free. It can be compressed to show a story spanning many life-times or expanded to fully express a single moment. It can be non-linear, dreamlike, move backward and forward with playful story logic, or be structured in a particular way to create a poetic meaning.

Stories can be told by details, shifts in weather, the emotional power of a thought, or the magical power of an object. Films can make magic: animals can speak, mountains can move; metaphysical rules can be broken.

I want to make feature films because I am interested in telling stories that try to express our experience of consciousness. Film works in an audio visual way that allows fullest expression of sensory and psychological experience. So for me, film is the closest I can get to showing what a character is really thinking and feeling, what it is to be human.